The best uses for a refrigerated promotional display

With the winter months well and truly upon us, there are plenty of reasons that a refrigerated promotional display would be needed in the commercial field. Useful all year round, these displays can be used as a permanent fixture of your store, or as a temporary way of promoting the products that you perhaps want to give a push. In this blog post by Ryan-Jayberg, we show the benefits of using a refrigerated promotional display for your business.

Promoting chilled sales

If your company happens to be producing low numbers on chilled sales, then refrigerated promotional displays are useful in grabbing the attention of customers as they are able to be moved around easily. You could possibly move your promotional display to the front of the store with an offer to entice customers with the quality and price of your refrigerated products. This can help keep your chilled products relevant and firmly in the mind of customers before they make a purchase.

Special events or offers

In a similar vein to promoting your chilled sales, refrigerated promotional displays can be used seasonally in a way that can fit the theme of your shop. An example of this being the cold months of winter, by putting a large emphasis on your refrigerated products. They can be used to promote Christmas themed products, offering the perfect solution to promote products that fit in with a certain event or time of year due to their “plug and play” aspect.

Selling end of life products

Do you have a set of products that are approaching the end of their shelf life? A refrigerated promotional display can be used in order to try and boost sales before they will have to be thrown away. Their high quality stylish glazed design gives the customer full visibility to see the quality of the products that are on offer. This can also stimulate impulse buys, especially if listed at a reduced price.

A great way of housing chilled products

The manoeuvrability of these displays allow that you can find the perfect location to maximise your sales, allowing for quick layout and product changes in your store. These promotional displays are ran with natural refrigerants, and their efficient design allows for low operating noise and excellent productivity in keeping products chilled between 0 and +5°C.

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