What are the benefits of cold rooms?

What are the benefits of cold room refrigeration systems?

Cold room systems are some of the most efficient options for anyone in search of a cold storage solution. Whether you’re running a restaurant, stocking a shop, or simply providing for an extensive family, cold rooms can be extremely beneficial.

As specialist suppliers of cold rooms for a variety of purposes, Ryan-Jayberg can explain the many advantages of both domestic and commercial cold rooms. After reading this blog, you’ll understand why these storerooms are such a sensible investment.

⦿ Large storage capacity

Cold rooms have a much larger internal volume than a refrigerator or freezer. Even a small cold room can provide more space for storing chilled or frozen items. This is especially useful if you buy bulk or wholesale perishable goods.

Even though a cold room has a larger footprint than standard fridges or freezers, it’s much more economical. Cold rooms are an excellent choice for orderly long-term storage, decluttering the main kitchen area to give you more space.

⦿ Flexible installation locations

As long as there is sufficient space, access, and power sources, you can install a cold room pretty much anywhere. Cold rooms can be constructed to any shape and size requirements, as either permanent, temporary, or even portable installations.

Designing a custom-built cold room will ensure that it’s well-integrated into your home or business layout. You’ll need to consider the best place for the unit to get the most use out of it. Luckily, cold room experts can provide professional guidance.

⦿ Adjustable temperatures

In an airtight cold room, the space maintains a uniform temperature by controlling the heat and humidity levels. You can set the temperature of the cold room according to what you’re storing, whether it’s chilled below 10˚C or frozen down to -18˚C.

The insulated panels protect the cold room and everything inside it from exterior climate differences and water ingress. This ensures that the room stays completely cool and dry, and within a few degrees of your required temperature, at all times.

⦿ Increased security and reliability

A lockable cold room is much harder for unauthorised individuals to access than a refrigerator, larder, or storeroom. Large volumes of stored goods are safer from theft and environmental damage, which could otherwise result in huge financial losses.

You can rely on a cold room to keep everything in it chilled and protected. Since there is a safety handle, you can also trust that no-one will get stuck inside – a concern not only in working environments, but also domestic situations with children and pets.

⦿ Better organisation and distribution

With the increased storage area that a cold room provides, it’s simple to add in shelving as required and organise items in accessible ways. No more endless searching for something hidden at the back, or losing track of use-by dates on perishables.

Cold rooms make staying on top of your inventory straightforward, rotating and replacing items whenever you need to. It’s easy to see what’s there and what isn’t, and check whether items have spoiled. You’ll be saving more money and creating less waste.

⦿ Convenient and easy access

Since items are much easier to find in an organised cold room, you’ll spend less time rummaging around to fetch things. Trips in and out will be so much faster, which will make cooking and other operations more efficient for everyone involved.

Not only are they easier to clean than fiddly separate refrigeration units, but a well-located cold room is also more convenient to access. With a walk-in chiller, putting items away becomes a streamlined process, especially for large stock deliveries.

⦿ Improved hygiene and safety

Cold rooms keep perishable products chilled or frozen to slow down deterioration and prevent bacterial growth, so they’ll be safe to use and consume for longer. This includes pre-prepared and pre-cooked meals, which is a handy way of saving time.

With anything from food to medicine, it’s crucial to stay on top of expiration dates. The last thing anyone wants is food poisoning or other serious side effects from expired goods. The visibility and inventory control of a cold room helps to prevent this issue.

⦿ Cost-effective and energy-efficient

As we’ve mentioned above, temperature-controlled storage allows you to keep larger volumes of produce in good condition for longer – saving you money. They can be powered by a separate generator, so they’ll keep running even in a power outage.

An insulated cold room is more energy-efficient than powering lots of individual fridges and freezers, too. This is good news for the environment as well as your budget, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint along with your monthly expenses.

Custom cold rooms from Ryan-Jayberg

Whatever your cold storage needs might be, we’re sure that the team of designers and engineers at Ryan-Jayberg can come up with the ideal cold room. Whether you want a retail cold room, a cold distribution warehouse, or multi-temperature storage for any reason, Ryan-Jayberg can help.

Contact us by calling 0208 944 6288 or use our online form to submit your enquiry, and a member of our team will swiftly provide assistance. We’ll gladly supply more information about our design and installation processes, and offer a competitive price for your bespoke cold room specifications.

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