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Ryan-Jayberg work with several supply partners to offer a wide range of serve over fridge options, giving you, the retailer, the choice to select the right display to suit your product.  Our serve over counters are all designed to suite together so that, no matter the product type, the cabinets will all look the same.

Flat glass or curved glass? Meat or fish, flat deck or bain-marie? Integral or remote? Pizza or pastry? Whichever way you want to promote your products we have a serve over fridge to do the job!  We can even customise the finishes and provide ancillaries to ensure the serve over counters fit exactly to your retail environment.


We can also offer specialist serve over fridge equipment for fresh meat or fish.  Our fresh meat counter is specifically designed to maintain the products in the optimal condition to increase longevity and reduce drying or discolouration.  The fish over counter display relies on ice flakes to maintain the products core temperature whilst creating an impressive theatrical presentation.

The additional presence of skilled staff at the serve over counter also provides an opportunity direct communication with the customer to discuss their requirements and to offer additional products or accompaniments.   The over counter displays instantly add theatre to the store and provide the customer the opportunity to see ‘behind the scenes’ and to watch while their selection is prepared.

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If you are looking to for Serve Over Counters using the latest technology and environmentally friendly natural refrigerant solutions, then we can help.  We would be pleased to discuss any requirement to assist with increasing product sales and answer any questions you may have.  Please use the details on our contact us page or you can fill out our online enquiry form for a quick and informed response.


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