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Here at Ryan-Jayberg, we work with several supply partners to achieve our ultimate goal: to give our customers a refrigerated solution that can be thoroughly happy with. Working with such a broad range of partners means that we can offer a wide selection of serve over fridge solutions, giving you, the retailer, the rightful choice to select the right display to suit your product and your surroundings! Our serve over counters are all designed to be suited in the presence of eachother so that, no matter the type of product inside, the cabinets will all look the same. This is popular with our clients as it gives their presentation of products a consistent feel that is easy to negotiate.

Do you require flat glass or curved glass? Meat or fish, flat deck or bain-marie? Integral or remote? Pizza or pastry? Whichever way you want to promote your products (and there are many) we have a serve over fridge on hand to do the job! We can even customise their finishes to tailor it to your specifications, as well as providing ancillaries to ensure the serve over counters in your facility fit exactly to your retail environment.


We can also offer specialist serve over fridge equipment specifically for fresh meat or fish. Our fresh meat counter is specifically designed to maintain the products in their optimal condition so that their longevity can be increased due to less chance of drying or discolouration. The fish over counter display relies on ice flakes to maintain the product’s core temperature whilst creating an impressive theatrical presentation.

The additional presence of skilled staff at the serve over counter also provides an opportunity to directly communicate with your customers, so you can discuss their requirements as well as offering additional products or accompaniments. The over counter displays instantly add theatre to the store and provide the customer with an opportunity to see “behind the scenes” and to watch while their selection is prepared.

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If you are looking to for Serve Over Counters using the latest technology and environmentally friendly natural refrigerant solutions, then we can help.  We would be pleased to discuss any requirement to assist with increasing product sales and answer any questions you may have.  Please use the details on our contact us page or you can fill out our online enquiry form for a quick and informed response.

As well as making your serve over counters custom in size, we can also tailor them to your aesthetic preferences. You might have took note of a design you particularly like when shopping about yourself, if so, take a picture or describe it to us in detail and we can match your requirements exactly!

Some opt for flat diagonal glass to allow customers to see their products, or you might want a curved design to make your food and drink look more appealing. The choice is well and truly yours, just let us know your requirements when you get in touch with one of the team and we will gladly oblige.

Serve over counters are commonplace in the catering industry. Whether you are based in a stationary shop that sells refrigerated or heated goods, or you are a mobile catering company that takes your food and drink on the road, they can be a fantastic way of promoting a large selection of your products to customers.

If presented correctly, you may even increase sales on products that were not getting a look in when they were not placed at front of house. So, if you feel like your catering company could benefit from a boost in sales (and who wouldn’t!) then be sure to contact one of the friendly Ryan-Jayberg team and we will discuss your specifications with you.


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