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When it comes to presenting fresh produce in a safe way, serving counters are a mainstay. Also known as deli counters or sometimes fridge counters, this versatile piece of equipment is a common sight in establishments such as cafés, supermarkets, and food halls.

At Ryan-Jayberg, we work with several supply partners to achieve our ultimate goal: to give our customers a refrigerated solution that can be thoroughly happy with. Working with such a broad range of partners means that we can offer a wide selection of serve over fridge solutions, giving you, the retailer, the choice to find the right display to suit your product and your surroundings!

Our serve over counters are all carefully designed so that the cabinets will maintain a uniform style, no matter the type of product inside. This is popular with our clients, as it gives their products a consistent presentation that is easy for both new and returning customers to navigate.

All kinds of businesses can benefit from serve over display counters, from delicatessens and sandwich shops to bistros and takeaways. Whenever you need to store perishable foodstuffs at a certain temperature whilst displaying them for sale in a stylish way, our serving counters are the ideal resource.



Refrigerated serve over counters

When a customer enters your premises, a professional serve over counter display can immediately give a great impression of your business. Not only does this equipment provide practical chilled storage to show that you take food safety seriously, but it also allows customers to see exactly what’s available for them to buy.

The visual appeal of keeping your produce fresh and presenting it in an organised way can also maximise your sales. A serve over counter includes shelves and lighting to help you strategically display your goods, making selections of items such as meats, cheeses, fruits, or pastries look as attractive as possible to passers-by.

For example, a fresh meat counter is specifically designed to refrigerate meats at a temperature that maintains their optimal condition, reducing the risk of drying out or discolouration. Similarly, a fish serve over counter is designed to use ice flakes to maintain their core temperature, which also provides an opportunity to create an impressive theatrical presentation. We often provide specialist serve over fridge equipment like this at Ryan-Jayberg.

The positioning of the serving counter allows customers to view all the options on offer at once, so they can comfortably make their choice and be satisfied with the condition of the produce in front of them. This style of commercial refrigeration equipment also makes it easier for staff to serve their chosen goods to them right away.

Over counter displays instantly add a sense of theatre to the commercial space, allowing the customer to see “behind the scenes” and watch while their selection is prepared. Skilled staff working at the serve over counter can directly communicate with customers, discussing their requirements or offering accompaniments. Providing a more personal one-to-one service like this can make customers feel more valued, increasing the likelihood of return purchases.


Custom serve over counter displays

Like any other industry, food retail relies on specialist equipment to run at its best – and a chilled serving counter is key when front-of-house display settings are vital for making sales. Whether you’re a butcher, fishmonger, or baker, or you run a mixed delicatessen, general store, or coffee shop, our bespoke serve over counter service allows you to order the ambient or chilled storage and display unit that fits your requirements exactly.

Do you require flat glass or curved glass? Meat or fish, flat deck or bain-marie? Integral or remote? Pizza or pastry? Whichever products you primarily serve, and however you want to store and promote them, we have a serve over fridge on hand at Ryan-Jayberg that will do the job perfectly! We can even customise its finish to tailor it to your aesthetic specifications, as well as providing ancillaries to ensure the serve over counters in your facility fit seamlessly into their environment.

Just as the size is important to fit into your available space effectively, so are features such as temperature range, power methods, and energy efficiency – plus the final appearance of the whole package. We take all of this into account when helping our clients to design custom serving counters for their premises, ensuring that they both function exactly as needed and look the part, regardless of the size and style of the venue.

When you work with the team at Ryan-Jayberg, we use our extensive knowledge of commercial refrigeration displays to help our clients choose the best possible equipment for the unique needs of their business. With glass fronts, illuminated shelving, controlled temperatures, low noise, and hygienic but durable materials, any food service outlet will find that our tailored serving counters can transform the way they do business.



Contact us for bespoke serving counters

If you’re looking for serve over counters that use the latest technology and environmentally friendly refrigerants for the utmost efficiency, then you’re in the right place. We offer a range of serving counters with different temperature ranges and storage types, including horizontal or vertical displays and slimline options for smaller spaces.

Cold serve over counters like these are an excellent investment for any business owner in food service to make, as they will keep your products at their ideal serving temperature while helping you to merchandise them in a way that’s more likely to boost sales. A professional look and satisfactory service is sure to bring customers back to your serving counter again and again.

To discuss your individual requirements for serve over counters, please contact us by phone or email. You can also scroll down to fill out and submit the enquiry form at the bottom of this page, and our team will be in touch to assist with your queries.


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Serve Over Counter FAQs

Their versatility makes serve over displays a popular choice in shops and canteens all over the world. Just like any type of commercial refrigeration unit, you can purchase serve over counters in a variety of sizes. This means that there’s sure to be a refrigerated serving counter as large or as compact as you might need.

Standard serve over counters are typically around 1 metre in length, with a range of depths and heights available to suit a variety of spaces. They’re usually longer than they are tall, as the name suggests, since they have to be low enough for staff to serve a customer over the counter – but they can also be tall, with eye-level displays.

When you work with a specialist like Ryan-Jayberg, you’ll have the opportunity to place a custom order so we can supply you with serve over display units that are tailored to your measurements and the requirements of the particular products you intend to store and present in them.

Rather than being a bulky hindrance or too snug to work around properly, a bespoke serve over counter system from us will measure up to be just the right fit. From large-scale serving areas to slimline spaces, we can produce the perfectly sized solution, whichever industry you work in or whatever the layout of your premises.

There are so many different styles of serving counter available for different situations, which is why it’s a good choice to place a custom order rather than settling for ‘off-the-shelf’ equipment that may not be right for your business. For example, a cheese-and-meat deli with serving staff will have very different needs than a self-serve patisserie display.

Does your stock require a heated, ambient, or refrigerated serving counter? Which layout would be best to display this type of product most effectively? Which type of integrated lighting would be best? What would be the most practical height and length for the product and its serving style? How much space would you require to create an efficient serving area behind it?

These are all factors that will vary depending on the industry and sector you’re working in – and you need to consider the different aesthetic possibilities, too. The finish of the unit and any ancillaries should not only look professional, but also be suited to its surroundings.

In addition to making your serve over counters custom in size, we can also tailor them to your aesthetic preferences. You might have taken note of a design you particularly like when shopping yourself – if so, take a picture or describe it to us in detail, and we can take this information into account to help us match your requirements exactly!

For example, some clients opt for a flat or angled glass front to allow customers to see their products, or you might want a curved design to open the space up, minimising reflections so that your products are more immediately visible. The choice is well and truly yours – just let us know your requirements when you get in touch, and we will gladly oblige.

Serve over counters are commonplace in the catering industry. Whether you’re based in a stationary shop that sells refrigerated or heated goods, or you run a mobile catering company that takes food and drink on the road, serving counters can be a fantastic way of promoting a large selection of your products to customers.

If presented correctly, you may even increase sales on products that weren’t getting attention from customers because they weren’t placed front-of-house. Since fresh food has a shorter shelf life and needs to be sold as quickly as possible, a chilled serving counter is the ideal way to maintain its freshness for longer while displaying it front and centre, putting it right in front of the eyes of customers who are then more likely to buy it.

Temperature-controlled serving counters are utilised in a range of commercial settings for a wide variety of products, helping businesses to comply with health and safety regulations for storing food as well as improving their professional offering to their customers. The type of unit you need will vary according to the product being served in it, such as:

  • ⦿ Fish serve over counters
  • ⦿ Meat serving counters
  • ⦿ Serve over cake displays
  • ⦿ Deli fridge counters
  • ⦿ Salad serving counters
  • ⦿ Sandwich filling displays

These types of serve over counters and more can be used in not only delis, cafés, and supermarkets, but also canteens and small shops in schools, colleges, offices, hospitals, and more. If you believe that your establishment could benefit from one of our serving counters, contact the Ryan-Jayberg team for more information.

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