Commercial Cold Rooms

At Ryan-Jayberg, we’ve been proudly providing cost-effective commercial storage solutions to a wide range of industries for over 50 years.

Ryan-Jayberg offers an extensive selection of expertly designed and energy-efficient engineering for commercial refrigeration and freezing. When it comes to high-capacity chilling, our variety of refrigeration options includes bespoke commercial cold rooms, tailored to your requirements with our wealth of expertise.


Whether you’re starting a new venture or upgrading your current premises, commercial cold rooms are an essential investment. Sometimes known as walk-in fridges or cold stores, these built-in refrigeration systems are the best choice for keeping your stock at the optimum temperature.

Installing a custom-fit commercial cold room with Ryan-Jayberg is much more convenient and cost-effective than having several separate upright fridges or freezers.

Not only do we provide cold rooms for storage at optimal temperatures between 0°C and 18°C, but we also offer commercial freezer rooms for products requiring temperatures from -40°C to 0°C – including blast, carton/box, tunnel, spiral, and deep freezers.

Our made-to-measure commercial cold rooms guarantee the highest standard of materials and construction for durability, promising a long lifespan of optimum operation and protection for perishables.


We understand that safety and security are of the utmost importance when storing large volumes of stock that must be both shielded and accessible at all times. Our commercial cold rooms always adhere to hygiene and fire safety regulations to keep business running smoothly, with internal safety releases for peace of mind.

Environmental responsibility is also something we take very seriously at Ryan-Jayberg, as we’re committed to helping our valued customers improve the energy efficiency of their systems and reduce their carbon footprint.

We’re happy to help you make the smartest design choices and advise you on the best practices for operation and maintenance, with a dedicated aftercare service available whenever you need us.


Ryan-Jayberg’s vast industry experience in building temperature-controlled rooms makes us the number one choice for commercial cold rooms.

We’ll guide you through the process from the initial site survey through to the final installation, taking every aspect into consideration. From fabrics, doors, and floors to lighting, ventilation, and drainage, our bespoke service guarantees value for money, with all the bases covered for optimum insulation.

We complete each installation to the specific temperature, size, and shape requirements of the client to ensure a perfectly fitted integrated refrigeration system every time.


Would your business benefit from one of our commercial cold rooms or commercial freezer rooms? Contact us today to discuss our comprehensive commercial cold room service and receive a competitive quote for your ideal cold storage solution.

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Commercial Storage Cold RoomsCommercial Cold Rooms

Commercial cold rooms have many advantages over traditional cooling apparatus, maximising storage capacity and minimising running costs in the following ways:

⦿ Suitable for a variety of sizes and spaces

Cold rooms can save space when specifically designed to your requirements, with larger internal storage volume making them more economical than standard upright fridges/freezers.

⦿ Adjustable temperatures

Airtight cold rooms are protected against exterior climate changes, designed to minimise heat and protect against water ingress, with adjustable gauges allowing you to modify the internal temperature as needed.

⦿ Secure and reliable

Lockable storage to prevent theft or damage to high value contents, with products safely kept at the correct temperature for whenever you need them.

⦿ Better stock distribution

Higher capacity cold rooms make arranging stock very simple, so stored items are then much easier to find, making trips into and out of the cold room much quicker for faster stock rotation.

⦿ Accessible and convenient

Cold rooms are more straightforward to construct onsite than carrying refrigerator units through doorways, and much more convenient for staff to access when accepting stock deliveries or replacing stock in the main storage area.

A commercial cold room is a larger scale walk-in fridge or freezer constructed with insulated panels to form a sealed temperature-controlled space.

Cold rooms keep all products stored in them chilled at a set temperature by extracting warm air from outside the room, filtering it through cooling units with refrigerant chemicals, then blowing the cooled air into the cold room itself.

A thermostat controls the optimal temperature inside the room and constantly monitors for any changes, adjusting the temperature accordingly if it gets too high or too low.

Commercial cold rooms and freezer rooms are designed to individual temperature requirements ranging from -40°C to 18°C; we recommend storing chilled products at around 4°C and frozen products at -18°C to keep them in prime condition.

Got any more questions about our commercial cold rooms? Contact Ryan-Jayberg today and we’ll gladly assist with your enquiries.

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