Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Any business selling perishable goods will know that refrigerated display cabinets are a crucial piece of kit. A range of businesses across the retail industry rely on chilled display cabinets to keep their produce in the best possible condition, from big supermarkets to small convenience stores.

At Ryan-Jayberg, we use our expertise in retail chilled solutions to help our clients find the best refrigerated display options for their business needs and budgets.

With our ability to provide equipment matching specific requirements, you can be confident that your products will look and perform at their best, while staff and customers alike can easily navigate your stocking system. The more efficient your refrigerated display systems are, the more smoothly your business will run, with customers returning again and again while you easily rotate chilled stock.


Why use refrigerated cabinets from Ryan-Jayberg?

Just as there are many types of commercial fridges, there are many kinds of facilities that benefit from using them. It’s common to find displays of refrigerated stock everywhere from off-licences and petrol forecourts to fast food outlets and pub restaurants. Whether it’s a single refrigerated cabinet or a full row, lots of different businesses utilise this equipment to present their wares whilst storing them safely.

Beverages, snacks and sandwiches, dairy products, ready meals, desserts – the list of goods that can be displayed in refrigerated cabinets could go on forever. Whatever you need to store in a chilled display cabinet, we’re sure to have the ideal solution at Ryan-Jayberg.

Commercial chilled displays don’t just keep items like meats, fruits, vegetables, and pre-prepared foods fresh and ready to consume – they also help to present them to customers. This versatile equipment makes it easy to boost sales of grab-and-go products like pre-packaged sandwiches and bottled drinks.

You can make them even more appealing by organising your chilled goods display to advertise cost-saving deals – for example, highlighting special offers of the day or week. Customers are likely to return to the refrigerated display regularly to see which deals are available.

At Ryan-Jayberg, our commercial refrigeration display cabinets are designed to house products at ready-to-serve temperatures whilst presenting them in an elegant yet accessible way. We can work with you to tailor our display refrigerators to meet the demands of your business, helping you to stock and showcase perishable goods as efficiently as possible.



Optimise refrigerated displays with multideck solutions

For retail premises selling fresh food and drinks, refrigerated display cabinets are the perfect option for cold storage. Unlike chest freezers or upright chillers, this type of commercial refrigeration is purposefully designed to create an open visual display. This makes it easy for customers to choose goods to buy from the selection presented to them, without compromising on food safety.

When it comes to increasing average spend per visit and generating ‘impulse’ sales, multideck display fridges are one of the top choices. Depending on the model, multideck cabinets can display cold, ambient temperature, or hot foods – though chilled multideck cabinets for presenting meal deals and similar offers are probably the most common option.

It’s standard to house refrigerated display cabinets like these in high-traffic areas, so you’ll want to invest in durable high-performance machinery. Multideck display cabinets come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can maximise space in your business. Whether it’s a small corner shop or a large self-serve cafeteria, they’re ideal for catching the eye and providing a speedy service.

We design our multideck display cabinets with efficiency in mind at Ryan-Jayberg, working hard to create the best machine on the market. Available at competitive prices that help you to minimise costs while boosting profits, our multideck refrigerated displays provide years of reliable service. When you purchase a refrigerated display case from us, you’ll have the peace of mind that every component is manufactured and installed to ensure long-lasting quality.


Custom chilled display cabinets to suit your business

We know that business requirements are bound to differ from one to the next, based on factors like the size of your facilities, stock quantities, average customer volume, etc. This is why the Ryan-Jayberg team is happy to use our industry knowledge to recommend the best refrigerated cabinet for your needs.

Why compromise on off-the-shelf commercial refrigeration equipment when you could speak to our experts and come up with a bespoke solution? We encourage full collaboration with all of our clients, aiming to achieve the ultimate satisfaction of a job well done and a product well made. Our refrigerated display systems are sure to serve our clients well for many years.

When we work with your team to design the exact refrigerated display cabinet you require, you’ll end up with the optimal system for the specifications you’re looking for, in the ideal style and size. This will help you to keep goods for sale at the best possible levels of quality, maintaining freshness at all times whilst also allowing staff to keep track of stock levels and letting customers view what’s on offer.

From bottle coolers to promotional displays and beyond, we can do it all at Ryan-Jayberg. Of course, our commercial refrigeration services aren’t just limited to designing, supplying, and installing your chosen refrigerated display cabinets.

We can also provide refrigerated cabinet refurbishments for older equipment, and pre-planned refrigeration maintenance to regularly check that your chilled displays are running at their optimum levels. With us to call for servicing and repairs, you can relax knowing that your refrigerated cabinets will stay shipshape year round.



Contact us for bespoke refrigerated display cases

Considering buying a new refrigerated display cabinet to improve your retail offering? Or perhaps you’re looking to replace an outdated existing system? If so, then don’t hesitate to contact Ryan-Jayberg to discuss your requirements for custom refrigerated display cases. Whether you phone our head office or your nearest branch, fill out our enquiry form, or email us directly at, our team will gladly assist you.

We offer a wide-ranging selection of retail chilled solutions, so you’ll be buying into a sure-fire way to present your refrigerated food and drinks both professionally and efficiently. Take a look at our case studies below and read through our FAQs to find out more about how our bespoke refrigerated display cabinets can take your business to a whole new level.

Whether you want us to supply a single cabinet or a complete system, your business could start to benefit immediately from our refrigerated display equipment. With the latest technology and environmentally friendly refrigerants, you can be confident that the final installed product will exceed your expectations.

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Refrigerated Display Cabinet FAQs

Typically found in a supermarket setting, refrigerated display cabinets are a method of cold storage used to keep perishable food and drink products at a specific temperature. Fresh, non-frozen food in particular is known to spoil quickly if you don’t keep it at a suitable temperature, making it unsafe for consumption and therefore unsellable. By storing them in a refrigerated display cabinet, you can keep such products in optimal condition for longer.

Chilled display cabinets easily grab the attention of passers-by and make their contents an appealing proposition for impulse buys. Not only do they preserve raw fresh foods and pre-prepared food items, allowing customers more time to buy them, but they also encourage purchases by presenting the products in a visually engaging way.

For example, most people prefer a cold beverage and something quick to eat for their lunch or a snack on the go, making refrigerated display cabinets for meal deals a popular option. This is why retail chilled solutions from Ryan-Jayberg make such a big difference, as their high performance lets customers experience the full potential of your products and entices them to come back for more.

Giving businesses a cost-effective way to maintain products on their shelves for longer in a ready-to-serve environment, refrigerated display cases are commonplace in the catering industry and retail establishments across the nation. From butcher’s shops storing meats and fish to coffee shops and cafes displaying baked goods and sandwiches, these units have countless applications.

As you will likely have seen in supermarkets and other food retail premises around the world, chilled display cabinets typically feature an open-faced metal cabinet with 4-6 shelves to display products. These tend to span the length of an aisle, often on both sides, though smaller premises may only use a single unit.

This simple vertical layout makes it easier to keep your refrigerated display organised and orderly – both for the convenience of the customer and for temperature stability. Uneven temperature distribution can cause some products to stay too warm rather than be cooled, or to get too cold and develop ice, which not only makes them unappealing to customers but can even make them unsafe to consume.

Of course, adjustments can be made to a refrigerated cabinet to suit your requirements, such as glass doors for better temperature control or a deeper storage area for the bottom shelf. You can find photographs of fully stocked refrigerated display cabinets from our previous installations on this page to see how they look.

From glass-fronted single-layer displays and chilled deli counters to multideck display cabinets with several metal shelves, there’ll be an ideal solution for the refrigeration and display needs of your business. The layout of refrigerated multideck cabinets in particular can help to maximise your output by providing ample space for stocking the same products in bulk, from fruit and veg to ready meals or ‘grab and go’ sandwiches and wraps.

If your business setting relies on retail chilled solutions, we’re sure you’ll agree that refrigerated display cabinets are a crucial part of your day-to-day proceedings. The main benefit is that they preserve all types of foodstuffs and beverages that need to stay within a certain temperature range to be in their best condition, maintaining the quality of the products so they’re ready to serve.

Another major benefit is that chilled display cabinets offer a way to present your stock in a visually enticing manner, with a clean and even display that makes viewing and choosing products simple. The refrigerated cabinet lighting can make products look even more appealing, highlighting special offers and generating more sales by attracting customers to impulse-buy as they pass the cabinet.

As well as keeping stock neat and appealing to look at for customers, chilled displays also allow businesses to keep track of remaining stock and stay on top of replenishing product levels. Their range of sizes allows them to fit into almost any space or layout, and multiple cabinets can be fitted together to create a longer run of units. This means you can stock as much or as little as you need.

Thanks to carefully designed and implemented refrigeration systems using refrigerants with lower environmental impacts, refrigerated display cabinets can also be more energy efficient and keep running costs down, allowing you to maximise profits on your fresh produce with energy savings.

New refrigeration cabinets can be integrated into your overall systems and are easy to maintain, due to being straightforward to clean and any mess inside being immediately visible. Made from durable materials like stainless steel and toughened glass, refrigerated display cases are sure to last for a long time, serving your customers and your business well for many years to come.

We understand that all shops and businesses have different layouts, so we provide multideck display cabinets of all shapes and sizes at Ryan-Jayberg. All the types of refrigerated display cases might seem similar, or you might not know which system or display type you’re looking for – but not to worry, because we’re always happy to discuss our range of options in detail to help you choose.

Whether you want minimal shelving or a more complex retailed chilled solution that accommodates a wider variety of products, we’re sure to have something that suits the unique requirements of your business. We can talk through case designs and sizes, shelving and lighting styles, and extra features so your equipment does exactly what you need it to do, while looking just how you want it to look.

From serve-over counters for ambient food and drink through to display freezers for frozen food and ice creams, we do it all at Ryan-Jayberg. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss our refrigerated display cabinets, including wine chillers and cheese counters, to find out what we can do for you.

We don’t just assist with refrigerated promotional displays, either – if you need a retail cold room or commercial cold room to store your stock for your refrigerated displays, not to mention stainless steel food preparation equipment, we can also help you with these additions to your business. Get in touch using the contact form below to enquire.

If energy efficiency is one of your main concerns when ordering custom refrigerated display cabinets, you have nothing to worry about in this department. We make sure that each one of our chilled display solutions is energy efficient to run and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Having worked in this industry for many years, throughout regulation changes that aim to cut back on carbon emissions from traditional refrigerants, we know how to make our machines efficient and eco-friendly at Ryan-Jayberg. We even offer refrigeration retrofitting services to bring your older equipment up to current energy efficiency and emissions standards if you aren’t buying new units.

Commercial refrigeration cabinets tend to be heavy-duty and require a lot of energy to run, which is why it’s so important to make the systems as energy efficient as possible – not just for keeping your bills low, but also complying with environmental regulations and upholding your green credentials.

With decades of accumulated expertise and the latest technology at our disposal, the high-quality machinery we supply at Ryan-Jayberg will always take power-saving designs into account. Since the introduction of the F-gas regulations, we’ve made it our mission to help businesses switch to natural refrigerants in both old and new systems – and our chilled display case designs are no different.

Of course, an energy efficient refrigerated display case will only run optimally if you maintain it well. Don’t forget to carry out frequent equipment checks and schedule regular maintenance services.

Since refrigerated display cabinets aren’t just an off-the-shelf solution, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all options at Ryan-Jayberg. Generally, a chilled cabinet can be any size you require. No matter how big or small your specifications are, we’ll take them on board with our customer-driven bespoke service to develop a refrigerated cabinet that comfortably houses everything you need it to.

You might need a small and compact refrigerator for a limited selection of products, or multiple larger units to cover more of your extensive shop floor. Either way, we can help you design the perfect system for your space and stock, taking other variables like the surrounding area and architectural features into consideration so that unique adjustments can be made. Our analytical onsite visits and comprehensive evaluations should uncover the ideal solution.

If you would like to know the sizes of some of the refrigerated display cabinets we’ve supplied to previous clients as a guide, you can click to view some of our case studies on this page. These models include the 820mm deep RJM Crystal, the slimline RJM Marl, and the 1m deep glass-front RJM Jade.

To discuss sizing limits in more detail, please scroll down the page and fill out the contact form, and our team will be in touch with more information on refrigerated display cabinet dimensions in response to your enquiry.

Like all machines, refrigerated display cabinets will experience wear and tear over time, but they can have a long lifespan if you maintain them well. Nipping faults in the bud as soon as possible by checking equipment and booking professional repairs or maintenance will extend the life of your chilled display cases, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them for up to 10–15 years.

Though we know that things can get too busy to stay on top of everything sometimes, it’s advisable to schedule regular cleaning at least once a week and maintenance checks at least once a month. You could also set up a refrigeration maintenance plan with us so we can take care of the system servicing for you, making sure it’s running as it should with fast repairs if any component is faulty.

You’ll always receive exceptional value for money with commercial refrigeration equipment from Ryan-Jayberg, but if you have older equipment, we’re still happy to help with repairs and even total system refurbishment if you need our expertise.

If you experience signs of trouble with your equipment like unpleasant odours, food feeling warm or expiring quickly, excess condensation or a build-up of frost, or issues like an inability to adjust the temperature or hear the fan running, then you should book repairs right away. The faster your equipment is restored to full working order, the lower the risk of losing money on spoiled goods that could otherwise make consumers ill.

Depending on the type and age of the refrigeration equipment, it’s best to schedule servicing at least once every 6 months to 1 year. If you have a higher number of units with high-intensity usage, you may want to have them serviced at least once every quarter.

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