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To most retailers & store managers, the appearance of the equipment within their stores is one of personal pride.  Unfortunately, accidents and general wear and tear does occur, especially in high footfall areas.

At Ryan-Jayberg, we understand this and appreciate the economic and environmental effects that damaged equipment can have on a business.  Our fabric maintenance or commercial fridge repair service can help your equipment to look as good as new, irrelevant of its age and origin.


RJM have been providing a commercial refrigeration repair service to major UK retailers for over 10 years and include work on refrigerated display cases, freezers and coldrooms.  Our dedicated on-site technicians are familiar with the numerous product types in today’s supermarkets & convenience stores and, with the backing of our RJM design team, who have over 80 years of display cabinet development experience, we can source or manufacture obsolete parts & keep our clients estate looking pristine.

Our services also extend to commercial freezer repair and we are happy to source and install replacement trim heaters to remove unsightly ice build-up, enhance product visibility and restore case efficiency.

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If you are unhappy with the condition of your display cases or coldrooms then our commercial fridge repair service team are here to help.  We would be happy to discuss any problems with you and arrange for an evaluation to ensure we provide the most suitable service to meet your needs.  Please visit our contact us page or fill out our online enquiry form for a quick and informed response.


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