Refrigerated Bottle Coolers

Refrigerated bottle coolers or beverage fridges are the best way to merchandise chilled drinks for maximum visual impact and storage capacity.  This type of bottle chiller is typically supplied by the drink manufacturer, but this limits the retailer to the product types and ranges that they want to sell.

The Modern Expo bottle cooler from Ryan Jayberg is an alternative, cost effective solution that is available in multiple sizes and finishes.  All of our beverage fridges are built using environmentally friendly natural refrigerants and offer low running costs with optimal temperature performance.


As standard, all of our bottle coolers are supplied with reversible door hinging, LED lighting, electronic controls and castors for ease of locating.  We can also offer customisation to suit your retail environment including internal and external finishes, signage solutions and even smart monitoring of stock and cabinet performance.  This innovative smart technology built into your beverage fridge can allow you to analyse stock and sales levels remotely, review cabinet performance, ensure merchandising profiles are maintained for maximum effect and even analyse consumer types to maximise sales.

Whether you are interested in merchandising volume, visual product display impact or consumer analysis then we have a bottle cooler that will meet your requirements.

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If you are looking to for a bottle cooler or beverage fridge using the latest technology and environmentally friendly natural refrigerant solutions, then we can help.  We would also be pleased to discuss any requirement to assist with increasing product sales and answer any questions you may have.  Please use the details on our contact us page or you can fill out our online enquiry form for a quick and informed response.


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