Refrigerated Cabinet Refurbishments

Despite the best attempts of the service teams, fabric maintenance and store staff, at some point your commercial fridge cases will no longer be fit for purpose and you will need to consider the replacement options.

The first is to invest in new cabinets and, although this will give you the latest in refrigeration technology and performance, it can be costly both financially and environmentally. The disposal of your existing case, at its end of life, is likely to have a major environmental impact due to some of the materials used, even with today’s modern manufacturing techniques.


The second option is to ‘remanufacture’ your existing cases, a more environmentally friendly solution, by reducing waste landfill of non-recyclable components. This specialist refrigeration refurbishment process, provided by Ryan Jayberg, takes your existing cabinets, re-uses the key components that are not damaged, such as insulation panels, and transforms them into fridge cases equivalent to the latest products on the market.

Cabinet Refurbishment

Damaged and recyclable components will be removed and replaced with new, improved designs. Lighting, electrical and control components will be updated to reduce energy and incorporate the latest monitoring software. The refrigeration circuit may also be updated to offer environmentally friendly CO2, Hydrocarbon or secondary fluid solutions.

Our flexible cabinet refurbishment solutions can be adapted to any cabinet style or model and our packages can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

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If your commercial fridge display cases are reaching their ‘end of life’ or your retail offering needs a refresh then our cabinet refurbishments team are on hand to offer you a solution. We would be happy to discuss any requirements with you and arrange for an evaluation to ensure we provide the most suitable service to meet your needs. Please use the details on our contact us page or you can fill out our online enquiry form for a quick and informed response.


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