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We take safety very seriously

Ryan-Jayberg Limited recognises that making all appropriate provisions for the Health & Safety of its employees and others, is an integral part of our business strategy.

The Company conducts its operations to ensure, as far as reasonably practical, the Health & Safety of all employees, public and other persons likely to be affected by our operations.

Our Health & Safety policy and practices are reviewed regularly to reflect all applicable new hazards, equipment, technology or improved methods of control, as well as changes in our organisational structure and more specifically changes in legislation.

The Directors of Ryan-Jayberg will implement the company’s health and safety policy and recommend any changes to meet new circumstances. Ryan-Jayberg recognises that successful health and safety management contributes to successful business performance and will allocate adequate finances and resources to meet these needs. A monthly report is provided by the Health & Safety Manager to the Board of Directors who discuss the content and review on a monthly basis.

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To ensure that our employees are complying with our policy, we also employ an external Health and Safety company which carries out annual audits on site and at the company’s premises. This is available for the Health and Safely Manager and Directors to consult through meetings and also offer a 24 Hour, 365-day helpline for all employees.

Ryan-Jayberg Limited continues to:
  • ensure all employees are informed of our Health & Safety standards by providing adequate and appropriate facilities for communication and consultation.
  • ensure that all employees are aware of their responsibilities and discharge these with care and without risk to Health & Safety
  • set and maintain high standards in Health & Safety throughout our business activities.
  • provide adequate levels of training and instructions to ensure continuous improvement.

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