Refrigerated Promotional Displays

Do you have a special event or offer on a refrigerated product? Or do you need to grab the attention of your customers to promote chilled sales?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then the self-sufficient, plug and play, portable refrigerated counters from Ryan-Jayberg can help you achieve impact sales. If you are looking for a convenient solution for temporary, seasonal or even permanent chilled promotions then look no further than our range of refrigerated promotional displays.

Their high quality, stylish glazed design gives the customer full visibility of the products inside to stimulate impulse purchases, as well as offering full manoeuvrability to ensure that you can find the perfect location to maximise your sales.

Whether it is for the sales of stock which is nearing the end of its shelf life or to promote high-marginal seasonal products, the self-service ability of our displays provides quick product layout updates and an ability to change product location on the fly. Running on natural refrigerants, the efficient design results in low operating noise and fantastic product holding temperatures between 0 and +5C.

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If you are looking a refrigerated promotional display or specialist equipment that uses the latest technology and environmentally friendly natural refrigerant solutions, then we here at Ryan-Jayberg can help.

If you have any queries about increasing sales with the help of our products, then we would love to assist you. To find out the telephone number for the branch closest to you, take a look at our contact us page. You can alternatively fill out our online enquiry form to get in touch with our team of experts.

Case Studies

Crystal Wine Display

Crystal Wine Display

Marl Cafe

Marl Cafe Multideck

Jade Refrigerated Promotional Displays

Waitrose Deli Cheese Display

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