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Here at Ryan-Jayberg, we are committed to providing numerous cold storage facilities to our customers, including cold rooms. Our team of experts will design, build and maintain your cold room for you, as we do the hard work, so you don’t have to! We will work closely with you to specify your requirements and work towards them, so you can get the most out of your cold storage room as possible. This is why each of our walk in cold rooms are bespoke, with your specifications in mind, and why we use the best materials available adhering to building, hygiene and fire safety standards as required.

Ryan-Jayberg has the expertise in the field to meet what is expected from us by the most important person in the process, you, the customer. We provide our expert guidance and support throughout the whole process,  from the initial survey and quotation right the way through to installation. We don’t just stop there, as we also provide the relevant after care with continued service and maintenance.

We take every aspect into account, including the cold room fabric, doors, floors, refrigeration, electrical, lighting, drainage, humidity, ventilation, control & leak detection systems.

We have great levels of experience in the area, so you know you can come to the team at Ryan-Jayberg for the best possible results! We have built temperature-controlled rooms in retail, distribution, pharmaceutical, development, hospitality, e-commerce, food processing and farming facilities. This range of clients shows that we are well equipped to work with you towards implementing your ideal cold storage facilities.

Whatever requirements you have, we are able to tackle them head on, all whilst being right by your side throughout the whole process. We are able to lend our industry know how whenever you need it, so you know exactly how well your cold room will be able to perform, as well as having all the answers to any questions you may have about your new cold room. This level of customer service is something we pride ourselves on here at Ryan-Jayberg, so please get in touch today and we will gladly be of assistance

The cold rooms we provide include:

For further information from our expert team, reach out to us on +44 (0)208 944 6288 or via

Although a cold room may seem like a large space to keep on top of at first, ones you get to grips with some regular checks you can make to ensure that it is running at full potential, It can be quite a simple task that becomes second nature. Of course, it goes without saying that you will have to clean your cold storage facilities regularly to ensure that no trip hazards go unrecognised and that any potential build-up of mould and bacteria is eliminated at source.

Other ways in which you can maintain the condition of your cold room include:

  • Checking the temperature of the cold room at regular intervals, ensuring that this hasn’t been changed accidentally and thus ruining the condition of the products inside
  • Checking the evaporators, making sure that has not been a build-up of ice at any point
  • Check the compressors in case there has been an oil leakage
  • Check the freon levels to make sure that they are at an optimum amount

It is important that these checks are performed regularly to ensure that you aren't running a fautly system. Is this has been the case for a while then you run the risk of your cold room potentially suffering long term damage. This means that the repairs it may need could be more drastic and expensive, or you might need a new cold room all together.

We would love to tell you right here and now how much exactly you would look to pay for a cold room, but it depends on so many factors that it is not possible! This is why we ask you to get in touch with one of our friendly team if you like what you see. Here you can discuss your requirements with us, and we can get back to you with a quote. Here at Ryan-Jayberg, we offer one of the best value for money services around, meaning that you will benefit from the industry experience and expertise of our engineers, at a price that we’re sure you won’t turn your nose up at!

We make sure we communicate thoroughly with our clients before we offer a quote. This is so we can get the best possible idea of your bespoke requirements so we can tailor our bespoke service towards them. By doing this, we minimise the cost of getting in touch regarding increasing costs as the project goes on. Once you have received a competitive quote from Ryan-Jayberg, we will stick to it!

To contact us today, visit our contact us page to find our online enquiry form or to call the branch that is closest to you.

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